Franzeluta S.A.

Food sector leader succeeding at home and abroad

Franzeluta, founded in 1947, has more than half a century of experience in producing fi ne baked goods and related products. Transformed into a joint stock company, Franzeluta now operates four manufacturing facilities for baked goods, a macaroni factory, a facility which produces carbonic acid used in food production, and machine shops which handle construction, maintenance and repairs.

Eugen Baleca, top manager

Franzeluta also operates a laboratory to ensure high quality and has established its own network of 40 Franzeluta shops and outlets where customers can purchase all types of Franzeluta baked goods as well as order special products.

Export totals growing

Franzeluta is a leader in Moldova’s domestic market and exports its products to the US, Canada, Portugal, Spain, Germany, France, Greece, Holland, Great Britain, Ireland, Romania, Australia and Azerbaijan. In 2007, Franzeluta exported 1,125 tonnes, it’s about MDL 18,794,000.

Eugen Baleca, top manager, points out that Franzeluta specialises in the production of bread and other baked goods, and produces more than 180 tonnes of bread per day. The company’s extensive product portfolio includes a wide range of breads (white, rye, breads with healthful additions, and more), macaroni, cakes, rolls, sooshka and biscuits, wafers, candy and chocolate figures, breakfast cereals, carbonated water and much more.

Franzeluta has added a number of convenience foods (refrigerated dough, pancake mix, fritter mix, dried kvass and others) to satisfy the demands of busy modern households, and also manufactures special seasonal products for holidays.

ISO 9001 certifi cation a guarantee of quality

Commenting on Franzeluta’s long term success story, Eugen Baleca says, “Quality products and advanced technology are what make Franzeluta stand out as a successful and transparent state-owned company. We have been certifi ed by the international quality system ISO 9001, which proves that our production facilities and methods meet international standards. In addition,
we have implemented cutting-edge European equipment and technologies, including Bossano, Buhler and Dominioni equipment for our macaroni factory; Union equipment for our carbonic acid manufacturing; Zamboni packaging; and BN-25, BN-50, Gostol, Bongard and Riello professional ovens.”

Wide range of production facilities

The company’s production facilities include Bakery One, founded in 1947 and expanded over the years. Today it operates
seven production lines with a total capacity of 118 tonnes per day. Bakery Two, commissioned in 1973, has been expanded to
reach its current capacity of 135 tonnes per day and operates six cutting-edge production lines; it also excels at small batch production of specialised goods.

Str. Sarmizegetusa, 30, Chisinau
Phone: +373 22 50 76 52
Fax: +373 22 55 52 70

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